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Wholesale Moissanite Jewelry

You can bulk purchase shiny moissanite jewelry from manufacturers at affordable price, such as wholesale moissanite rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc

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Wholesale Moissanite Jewelry

Compared to natural diamonds, moissanite is very similar in appearance and physical properties to natural diamonds. Moissanite has excellent gemstone properties in terms of hardness, fire, luster and toughness. However, it is more affordable than natural diamonds. As a daily wear jewelry accessory, moissanite jewelry is a good alternative to natural diamonds.

Moissanite jewelry has naturally become the first choice for women and consumers due to its sparkling diamond properties and affordable prices. As moissanite jewelry is favored by more and more consumers, the demand for moissanite jewelry continues to grow. Therefore, the wholesale and retail of moissanite jewelry will be a promising business opportunity. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable wholesale moissanite jewelry supplier, we are one of the best wholesale moissanite jewelry suppliers.

Moissanite jewelry
Moissanite jewelry

Bulk Buy Moissanite Ring

Try our high-quality, shiny, and sturdy wholesale moissanite jewelry, and We believe we will achieve a win-win.

Moissanite jewelry

Moissanite Bracelets Wholesale

We offer a diverse and stylish collection of wholesale moissanite jewelry for retailers. These moissanite bracelets are made of S 925 sterling silver material, high-quality D color, and VVS1 clarity moissanite gemstones. They can pass diamond testing. Among our moissanite jewelry collections, classic and minimalist moissanite jewelry will be the perfect gift for girls. Wearing them will reflect timeless elegance and contemporary fashion.
Moissanite jewelry
Moissanite jewelry
Moissanite jewelry
Moissanite jewelry

Get Moissanite Jewelry Wholesale Pricelist?

Moissanite Necklace Wholesale

Our wholesale moissanite necklace for sale is one of the latest trendy jewelry choices and comes with a lot of popular elements, such as marquise, water-drop, heart, devil’s eye, etc.
Moissanite necklace
Moissanite necklace

Many Options for Your Moissanite Jewelry

100% genuine Mossanite

Our moissanite is 100% laboratory synthesized genuine high quality moissanite + S925 silver instead of other cheap stones and materials.


We have a variety of moissanite colors to choose from, which will help you better capture the taste of different customers and bring some unique items.

Customized options

Exquisite packaging or logo is one of the important ways to increase added value. If you need customized logo services, we can combine product packaging design to create higher value for your moissanite jewelry.

  • custom logo
  • custom style

Fast logistics

We have a modern moissanite jewelry factory, and a large inventory of hot sale moissanite jewelry, which enable us to deliver quickly. Usually, small wholesale moissanite jewelry orders can be shipped within 72 hours.

  • large stock
  • Fast delivery

Sourcing Moissanite Jewelry From Moissanite Jewelry Wholesale

For Moissanite Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our advanced factory allows us to provide amazing loose moissanite stone to appeal to your fashion customers. As a moissanite manufacturer or supplier, you can trust that our strict manufacturing moissanite processes are here to offer you with the best D color VSS1 moissanite stone in the market.

For Moissanite Wholesalers

As one of the best wholesale suppliers of China moissanite jewelry, we offer bulk moissanite jewelry at affordable prices. It enables us to collaborate with you and ensure that you also gain greater profits while being equally competitive.

For Moissanite Store Brand Owners

We collaborate with many luxury jewelry brands to customize the moissanite jewelry they desire. We enjoy our growth journey with you to ensure that we can help you find the best wholesale moissanite jewelry and expand your brand.

"This moissanite ring is more beautiful than I thought it would be. It came with a GRA certificate of authenticity and it looks amazing. The moissanite ring looks just as beautiful and glittery as picture. Extremely satisfied with the purchase and will bulk buy from this seller again in the future."

"We have no words to describe how stunning this ring is. It shines more than a diamond. Very happy with this wholesale purchase - perfect size & the moissanite is so beautiful the way it catches the light & sparkles! Looking forward to bulk buy more!"

"Bulk buy these moissanite jewelry got to me in like 7 or 8 days and it's beautiful! I got the 1 carat and it's not too big not too small. My customer like these jewelry very much. Great for online and physical stores retailer who are doing jewelry business!Thanks."

Top 10 Moissanite Philippines Providers

Are you looking for moissanite Philippines suppliers? Whether you are a retail or wholesaler, finding reliable and high-quality moissanite suppliers will be a challenge. As jewelry industry experts, we will list the top 10 moissanite Philippines providers to help you...

Moissanite Jewelry Wholesale FAQs:

Are you a moissanite jewelry factory or a trading company?

We are a moissanite factory that provides large quantities of hot-selling moissanite jewelry wholesale.

What certifications do you offer for wholesale moissanite jewelry?

Our wholesale moissanite jewelry is 100% sourced from genuine, high-quality lab-synthesized moissanite and comes with a GRA certificate.

Are the wholesale moissanite jewelry materials made of copper alloy?

No, the wholesale moissanite jewelry sold on our website is made of S925 silver and does not easily fade after long-term use.

Why is your wholesale moissanite jewelry cheaper than the USA suppliers?

Due to breakthroughs in moissanite production technology in China, relatively cheap labor and complete industrial chain, our moissanite wholesale prices are more competitive, but the quality is not inferior to American moissanite jewelry suppliers.

How is the quality of your wholesale moissanite jewelry?

We focus on mid-to-high-end jewelry wholesale. The wholesale moissanite jewelry for sale is made of S925 materials. Most of the moissanite belongs to the D color, VVS1 grade.

Do you have a MQQ for wholesale moissanite jewelry?

If you are a wholesale or retail brand, we have no MQQ. If you only need one sample, you can contact us. However, if you are an end consumer, we support mixed wholesale, and the MQQ is 2 pcs.

Do you support dropshipping?

If you are a moissanite jewelry business entrepreneur and do not want to have a large amount of inventory, we can support dropshipping, but only after our review and approval.

In addition to platinum moissanite jewelry, do you also offer gold-plated moissanite jewelry wholesale?

In addition to wholesale platinum moissanite jewelry, we also provide moissanite jewelry such as 14k,l18K, rose gold, etc.

What shipping methods do you offer?

When the cost is less than 200 US dollars, we will charge starting 15 USD shipping fee according to different regions. It takes about 10-20 days to reach most places in the world by flat shipping. When the cost is 200-500 US dollars, no shipping fee is required by flat shipping. When the costs are above 500 US dollars, there is no shipping fee, and it can be shipped by fast express delivery such as USP, FedEx, DHL, etc., which takes about 3-7 days.

What is the warranty on your wholesale moissanite jewelry?

Since our wholesale moissanite jewelry is quite affordable, under normal circumstances, if you find quality problems within 30 days when received, we can replace it for free. If it exceeds 30 days, if it needs to be repaired, a certain fee will be charged.

How to get your wholesale moissanite jewelry price list?

you contact us by email or online form, we will provide you moissanite jewelry wholesale price list.

In addition to moissanite jewelry wholesale, do you offer other luxury jewelry wholesale?

Yes, in addition to wholesale moissanite jewelry, we also provide wholesale CZ jewelry and gemstone jewelry wholesale.

Do you have packaging boxes for these wholesale moissanite jewelry?

We are a moissanite jewelry manufacturer. We do not produce packaging boxes and our packages are sealed waterproof bags. If you need packaging box, you can also contact us, we will provide some jewelry box options and customization services.

Do you support the customization of moissanite jewelry wholesale?

We are a moissanite jewelry factory that supports customization based on samples and drawings. Each style MQQ is 20-50 PCS depending on the quantity of your style.

Do you have inventory for these wholesale moissanite jewelry or do you need to order production?

Most of our wholesale moissanite jewelry for sale is in stock, small quantities of styles may require about 5-15 working days to be produced when out of stock.

Do you support logo customization services?

We support logo customization services, the MQQ is 50.

If the wholesale moissanite jewelry purchased is out of stock, how do you handle it?
If there is no stock, we will usually contact you and may take measures such as refund, exchange, or waiting for the next shipment.
Do you provide colored moissanite jewelry wholesale?

Yes, in addition to colorless wholesale moissanite jewelry, we also provide wholesale of colored moissanite jewelry such as black, yellow, red, green, blue, etc.

Are your moissanite jewelry images free to use?

Yes, if you are our customer, you can use our images for free.

How to get the wholesale moissanite jewelry price?

If you are a wholesale or retail brand, by registering our wholesale account, you can automatically obtain the wholesale price during when checkout based on the amount. If you make a second purchase and reach a certain quantity, you can contact us to get additional discounts.

What are the specifications of the wholesale moissanite rings you provide?

Our wholesale moissanite rings are the USA specifications, such as US#6, #7, #8, and #9.

In addition to women’s moissanite jewelry, do you offer men’s moissanite jewelry wholesale?

Most of the wholesale moissanite jewelry for sale is women’s jewelry, and there are also a small number of men’s wholesale moissanite rings and bracelets.

What kind of loose moissanite wholesale do you offer?

We offer emerald cut loose moissanite,cushion-cut loose moissanite,round cut loose moissanite,heart-shaped loose moissanite,oblique trapezoid loose moissanite,oval cut loose moissanite,modified triangular loose moissanite,marquise cut loose moissanite,pear-shaped loose moissanite, radiant cut loose moissanite, princes cut loose moissanite, fat square loose moissanite and asscher cut loose moissanite etc.

Do you offer loose moissanite in bulk?

Yes, in addition to providing high-quality moissanite jewelry wholesale, we also provide bulk loose moissanite.