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Synthetic diamonds, such as moissanite, and lab-grown diamonds, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers because they are affordable and environmentally friendly. Are you looking for a reliable Malaysia moissanite jewelry supplier or lab-grown diamond manufacturer? Here we’ll list some of the top players to help you find the options faster.

Top 10 Malaysia moissanite and diamond Supplier


bmcmoissanite malaysia

BMCmoissanite is Malaysia’s leading high-end moissanite jewelry customization brand, committed to creating high-quality moissanite diamond jewelry for customers ethically and responsibly. Their loose moissanite stones have GRA certification and American Black Card codes. 

At BMC, they have a highly skilled craftsman team who specialize in creating custom jewelry. In addition to custom designs, they also have many regular moissanite jewelry available for purchase.


  • High-quality moissanite jewelry custom brand
  • GRA-certified and US black card-coded moissanite
  • Skilled craftsmen team
  • Environmentally friendly, artificial diamond material


  • Moissanite
  • Lab Grown Diamond

Orion Jewelry KL


Orion Jewelry KL is a brand created specifically for customers looking for affordable, customized high-quality fine jewelry. The company strives to provide affordable, high-quality moissanite and lab-grown diamond jewelry through online store only. Unlike other custom jewelers, you can customize jewelry in various materials according to your budget, from 9k gold, 14k gold to 18k gold, etc.


  • Operated entirely online, focusing on high-quality jewelry at affordable prices.
  • Provides a variety of material options to flexibly meet customer budgets.
  • From material to design, fully support custom.
  • Advocate for the unique properties of moissanite and the environmentally friendly advantages of lab synthesis.



Sarabella jewelry is made of exquisite and high-quality materials, pursuing simple elegance and committing to perfect design. Each piece of jewelry contains a unique personality. At Sarabella, the value of their moissanite jewelry lies in emotional expression. 

Whether you use it for commemoration, a symbol of love, or simple fashion wear, Sarabella provides diversified, classic and exquisite jewelry works at affordable prices that can be used in your daily life. 


  • Focus on the design and production of exquisite and high-quality jewelry
  • classic, exquisite and timeless jewelry
  • Provide diverse choices
  • Focus on individual emotions and self-expression


  • Moissanite Rings
  • Moissanite Bracelet
  • Moissanite Necklace
  • Moissanite Earrings



Greyscorff is a leading Malaysian jewelry company co-founded by Terrence Goh and Dr. Ivan Ling. Terrence comes from a family with a 40-year jewelry heritage and serves as CEO of Moissanite Malaysia Sdn Bhd. He has extensive experience and profound knowledge in the jewelry industry. Dr. Ivan is a scientist who is passionate about promoting sustainable development. He has participated in and founded many sustainable development-related companies and has left a profound impact on the sustainable field in Malaysia. 

Greyscorff is committed to developing the jewelry industry through a sustainable approach, providing customized services, using high-quality materials and advanced technology to create durable and exquisite moissanite jewelry that caters to individual tastes and styles.


  • More than 40 years of jewelry family background
  • sustainable innovator
  • CEO has deep industry experience and leadership
  • Focus on customized services and use of high-quality materials
  • Focus on innovation and application of technology



Founded in 2020, Daintique originally aimed to provide exquisite and affordable gemstone jewelry to local consumers. Its mission is to provide customers with diverse and affordable choices, guarantee the quality of moissanite jewelry, and ensure excellent value for money. Today, they still adhere to their original intention to provide customers with a more high-quality and unique experience that can better showcase your unique charm.


  • Focus on gemstones and jewelry
  • Offering sophisticated and affordable options
  • Guarantee quality and ensure value for money
  • Carefully select and use certified gemstones
  • A unique and charming experience that highlights your personality


  • Moissanite Rings
  • Moissanite Bracelet
  • Moissanite Necklace
  • Moissanite Earrings

Love & Co.


Love & Co. is a brand that is disrupting and redefining the traditional way of buying jewelry. Different from traditional jewelry purchasing methods, they focus on customer participation – whether starting from scratch or customizing, allowing customers to completely own their own style of moissanite jewelry. They offer certified conflict-free diamonds, free lifetime cleaning services, personalization and custom design services, and more.


  • Certified conflict-free diamonds, free lifetime cleaning services, personalized custom design services
  • Redefining the traditional way of buying jewelry


  • Moissanite Necklaces & Pendants
  • Moissanite Bracelets & Bangles
  • Moissanite Earrings
  • MoissaniteRings



Founded in 2015, ZCOVA is a company operating the moissanite, diamond and gemstone business with a modern concept. They are committed to making love pure, passionate and transparent. 

ZCOVA’s diamonds and gemstones come from the world’s largest suppliers, and have famous gemological certifications such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (IGI) and International Colored Gemstone Laboratory (ICL). 

Their jewelry is handmade by experienced jewelry craftsmen in Malaysia, eliminating middlemen and going directly to customers to reduce unnecessary extra costs. In addition to this, their jewelry experts have extensive knowledge and will assist you in selecting the best diamonds and handling the delivery.


  • Ethically sourced gemstones from the world’s largest suppliers
  • GIA, IGI and ICL certifications
  • Jewelry is handcrafted by experienced jewelry craftsmen in Malaysia
  • Provide full professional services from diamond purchase to delivery and insurance processing
  • ZCOVA 3-Point Check Verifies Certified Diamonds and Gemstones


  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Engagement Rings
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Wedding Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Birthstones

Tailored Jewel


Tailored Jewel is a multi-award-winning jewelry brand with a team of highly skilled jewelry craftsmen. They are customer-focused and always strive to provide services that exceed customer expectations. At Tailored Jewel, you will get jewelry of excellent quality at reasonable prices, giving you great value for your money.


  • Have a good reputation and market influence
  • A team of professional jewelry craftsmen dedicated to providing high-quality custom jewelry
  • Taking innovation as the driving force, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of products and services
  • Provide unique and personalized jewelry designs that meet customer expectations
  • Won recognition and honors from many well-known organizations, including Malaysia SME100 Awards 2020, SITEC, SEBA, and the 2021 Enterprise Asia International Innovation Award.





Michaeltrio Jewelry Company is born from the legacy of a family of craftsmen. From the beginning to the present, they have always maintained their love and dedication to jewelry craftsmanship. Initially, their ancestors created precious metal jewelry for sultans and royal families, continuing the magnificence and quality of the aristocratic tradition.

Michaeltrio is known for its high standards and sincere and pragmatic spirit. They have their own jewelry-making workshops that can create high-quality jewelry for you faster and at a lower cost. In addition, they can also provide competitive diamonds at prices that are 20% to 40% lower than those on the market without compromising on quality. Michaeltrio always adheres to excellent craftsmanship, service and quality, ensuring that every piece of jewelry is an interpretation of royal-level exquisite craftsmanship.


  • 40 years of family heritage
  • Jewelry customization is fast and has a great price advantage
  • High standards and sincerity and pragmatism
  • Inheriting royal-level craftsmanship and exquisite details craftsmanship


  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Bands
  • Natural Diamonds
  • Lab Grown Diamonds
  • Gemstone Rings
  • Couple Rings
  • Tennis Bracelets
  • Diamond Pendants
  • Diamond Studs


Malaysia moissanite audreys

Audrey is a jewelry brand inspired by the late fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. Audrey is also one of the largest online certified diamond retailers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Here you will find a large selection of high-quality diamonds, and each loose diamond has a grading report from the GIA or other independent diamond grading laboratories, so you can use these diamond selections to create an engagement ring that is completely your own.

With numerous satisfied customer feedback, they pride themselves on being the pioneers in wedding rings and GIA-certified diamond engagement rings in Malaysia. Using only the finest materials and high-quality selected gemstones, Audrey creates jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship and is committed to providing customers with the world’s finest certified diamonds and fine jewelry with exceptional quality, first-class service, and an extensive selection. The combination of excellent quality and extraordinary value is what sets Audrey apart from its competitors.


  • Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur Showroom Consultation
  • One of the largest online certified diamond retailers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia
  • Competitive prices
  • Provides personalized consultation, specializing in engagement rings and wedding jewelry
  • GIA Pioneer in Certified Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Providing the highest quality materials and excellent craftsmanship in jewelry making
  • Promise to provide additional discounts on competitive prices for equivalent products

In conclusion:

We have listed 10 top moissanite and diamond suppliers in Malaysia. If you are a jewelry retailer or wholesaler and want to find more options, you can also contact us. At Wholesale Moissanite Jewelry, we have a large selection of high-quality and on-trend styles to help your jewelry career.