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Are you looking for moissanite Philippines suppliers? Whether you are a retail or wholesaler, finding reliable and high-quality moissanite suppliers will be a challenge. As jewelry industry experts, we will list the top 10 moissanite Philippines providers to help you quickly find the option you need.

Top 10 Moissanite Philippines Providers

Lucce Ring

moissanite Philippines luccerings

Lucce Ring is a well-known jewelry design brand located in Manila, dedicated to creating ethical and elegant rings for couples who are environmentally conscious. They help couples tell their love story and life values by using the finest man-made diamonds and moissanite to create exquisite wedding ring jewelry. As a partner of Moissanite International and Charles & Colvard Philippines, you will get the best Moissanite engagement rings and fine jewelry.

They believe using lab diamonds and moissanite can reduce mining conflicts and environmental damage. Lucce Ring is proud to be a member of the Philippine Jewelry Industry Association, which is a testament to their commitment to creating world-class fine jewelry.

Main advantages:

  • Well-known jewelry design brand based in Manila
  • Craft jewelry using the highest quality lab-grown diamonds and moissanite
  • Works with renowned companies such as Moissanite International and Charles & Colvard
  • Committed to promoting environmentally friendly and ethical jewelry industry standards
  • GPJI members bear witness to their commitment to creating world-class jewelry


  • Moissanite Engagement Rings
  • Round Moissanite
  • Oval Moissanite
  • Princess Moissanite
  • Emerald Moissanite
  • Pear Moissanite
  • Cushion Moissanite
  • Marquise Moissanite
  • Radiant Moissanite
  • Asscher Moissanite

Vnya Jewelry PH


Vanya Jewelry PH is an eco-friendly and trusted online moissanite and other jewelry store, which is dedicated to producing, customizing and selling beautiful, high-quality, locally handcrafted jewelry. As an online-only jewelry store, they work with 100% legitimate jewelers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the Philippines at fair and affordable prices. In addition, they are also committed to environmental protection, planting a tree for every piece of jewelry sold.

Main advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly Online Jewelry Store
  • Locally handmade
  • Registered with BIR and DTI
  • Plant one tree for every piece of jewelry sold in partnership with onetreeplanted.org
  • Work with legitimate jewelers and manufacturers in the Philippines
  • Online business model with fair prices
  • Diverse affordable jewelry


moissanite Philippines bymayumi

ByMayumi is a small and exquisite online store of moissanite and other jewelry located in the heart of the Philippines, providing customers with unique styles of jewelry. Their mission is to provide customers with a beautiful selection of jewelry that will complement your everyday look without breaking the bank.

Main advantages:

  • Located in the Philippines, focusing on personalized jewelry design
  • Providing quality jewelry at affordable prices
  • Small and delicate, but product quality is reliable
  • Provide designs suitable for daily wear
  • Emphasis on interaction and sharing with customers

Lily and Co’s

moissanite Philippines lilyandco

Lily and Co’s is a passionate moissanite and jewelry company, which is dedicated to putting the beauty of the world in your hands. They import materials from across Asia and then handcraft them by Filipino artisans, blending traditional craftsmanship with unique designs, striving to evoke the local jewelry-making industry and showcase the beauty of handcrafted jewelry. Each piece of their jewelry reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of Filipino artisans who strive for perfection and look to build long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Main advantages:

  • Place of establishment: Philippines
  • Production materials: Internationally imported, from all over Asia
  • Production process: Handmade by Filipino goldsmiths
  • Mission: Give jewelry special meaning and empower women
  • Vision: Inheriting world-class handmade jewelry
  • Characteristics: Pursue perfection and build long-term relationships

Purse Maison


Purse Maison is an online sales store focusing on 100% authentic luxury goods. They specialize in selling new or second-hand designer handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories such as moissanite jewelry.

For the public consumer, luxury goods can be a considerable expense. Consumers who purchase luxury goods will only support genuine and reputable sellers, so Purse Maison ensures that every item they sell is original and authentic, otherwise, they will full refund. In addition, their professional team appraisers carefully inspect each item, and every logo, stitching and stitching is rigorously scrutinized.

Main advantages:

  • Product range: Designer handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Service Commitment: 100% Authentic Guarantee
  • Appraisal team: Careful inspection by professional appraisers
  • Advantages: best price, variety of choices
  • Customer service: high-quality customer service team

MoissaniteCo-Christensen Jewelers Store

moissanite Philippines moissaniteco

Moissanite Co-Christensen Jewelers Store was founded in 2005. It is one of the world’s leading Moissanite jewelry brands. The founders, Mike and Jera Christensen, come from a family in the jewelry industry. Mike’s great-grandfather opened a jewelry store in Las Vegas, Nevada 80 years ago. Opening their first store on Fremont Street, they offer the highest quality and affordable Moissanite and diamond jewelry in the Philippines.

Main information:

  • Date of establishment: 2005
  • Company positioning: Provide the highest quality and affordable Moissanite and diamond jewelry
  • Product Features: Selling top-quality Moissanite gemstones, leading the development of the Moissanite jewelry industry
  • Innovation capabilities: Launched the first whitened Moissanite, third-party laboratory certified Moissanite, heart and arrow cut Moissanite and ultra-ideal cut Moissanite, etc.
  • Manufacturing: Made in the United States, working with multiple American jewelry manufacturers
  • Environmental protection concept: 100% use of recycled precious metals to reduce the demand for new mineral metals
  • Service outlets: Headquartered in the United States, products are sold in SM City North EDSA, Philippines


  • Moissanite EARRINGS
  • Moissanite PENDANTS
  • Moissanite NECKLACE
  • Moissanite BRACELETS



LVNA is an online luxury jewelry store curated and built by Drake Dustin Ibay. LVNA has carefully designed jewelry with diamonds, moissanite and other gemstones, and has now expanded its business in many top shopping malls in the Philippines.

Drake Dustin is a jewelry enthusiast and artist. His love and passion for gemstones has led them to become the leading fine diamond jewelry company in the Philippines, providing valuable gemstone jewelry to the market.

With a fresh perspective on jewelry consumer needs and his hands-on experience and knowledge of gemstone and diamond jewelry, he was able to find and launch affordable, competitive jewelry that was embraced by Filipino jewelry consumers.

Main information:

  • Year Founded: LVNA was founded by Drake Dustin Ibay
  • Company location: Headquartered in the Philippines, business expands to multiple shopping malls
  • Company development: rich experience, rapid business expansion
  • Service outlets: online business and multiple physical stores
  • Innovation ability: Promote brand development through marketing innovation
  • Development strategy: successful cooperation with multiple celebrities and opinion leaders

Pandora Philippines

moissanite Philippines pandora

Pandora Philippines is the official Philippine online store for Pandora jewelry, distributed by Lucerneluxe. Lucerne is the top Swiss luxury watch brand distributor in the Philippines. It was founded in the 1980s and has 36 years of industry experience.

Pandora opened 2 Shop-in-Shop stores in the Philippines in 2011. Today, Pandora has 34 concept stores in Metro Manila, Pampanga and other places.

Pandora was founded in 1982 by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. Originally founded in Denmark, the company gradually shifted to the independent design and manufacturing of unique jewelry, and began manufacturing jewelry in Thailand in 1989.

After launching the charm bracelet concept in 2000, Pandora quickly expanded to international markets such as the United States, Germany and Australia, and established a large-scale manufacturing plant in Thailand in 2005. Today, Pandora has more than 7,700 store in more than 100 countries around the world, including more than 2,600 concept stores.

Main advantages:

  • Date of establishment: 1982
  • Company location: Copenhagen, Denmark, product manufacturing location in Thailand
  • Company size: More than 7,700 points of sale worldwide, 2,600+ concept stores
  • Operating income: global sales, business spread across 6 continents
  • Service outlets: 34 stores located in Metro Manila, Pampanga and other places
  • Innovation ability: unique jewelry design and manufacturing, charm bracelet concept
  • Influence: An international jewelry company that has expanded from Denmark to more than 100 countries.

Karat World

moissanite Philippines karatworld

Based in the Philippines, Karat World is a company dedicated to providing the best moissanite jewelry and other jewelry to the world. They continuously strive to ensure that the Filipino people have access to beautiful and high-quality jewelry at various price ranges.

As one of the leading jewelry brands in the Philippines, Karat World understands that simply offering quality jewelry is not enough, and they are also committed to providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Their sales staff are knowledgeable and able to assist every customer.

They mainly provide daily exquisite jewelry to today’s working men and women, and have a dedicated wedding ring area in each Karat World store, providing a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding rings and other options.

Main advantages:

  • Experience: Over 32 years of experience
  • Company Location: All over the Philippines, with a wide range of service outlets
  • Service purpose: Committed to providing customers with a quality shopping experience
  • Product range: A wide range of everyday fine jewelry and a dedicated wedding band section
  • Professional sales team: rich in knowledge and able to provide personalized services
  • Quality Assurance: Bringing Positive Impact to the Filipino People with High-Quality Jewelry

Brilyo Jewelry

moissanite Philippines brilyojewelry

Brilyo Jewelry was founded in Australia and is committed to creating top-notch custom jewelry. It is also one of the custom moissanite suppliers in the Philippines. They have advanced craftsmanship and technology and are committed to helping couples and jewelry lovers create their dream pieces.

After more than three years of development, they have become the go-to brand for custom jewelry, ranging from engagement rings to necklaces and even tiaras. As a pioneer in creating high-quality custom gemstones, they offer GIA, IGI-certified natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and their Brilyo Moissanites certification.

Key Information:

  • Time of establishment: more than three years ago
  • Company Location: Australia
  • Service scope: Global customization
  • Gemstone types: GIA, IGI certified diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, Brilyo Moissanites and other precious and semi-precious stones
  • Customization technology: advanced technology, attention to jewelry details
  • Pay attention to craftsmanship: excellent craftsmanship reveals the true beauty of gemstones
  • Professional team: good at innovation and meeting customer needs


  • Loose Diamonds
  • Lab Grown Diamond Rings
  • Earth Mined Diamond Rings
  • Brilyo Moissanite Rings
  • Wedding Bands


We have listed the top 10 Philippines moissanite jewelry suppliers. Some of them can provide branded moissanite options, and some can provide customized moissanite options. No matter which option you choose, there’s an option to suit your needs. At Moissanite Wholesale, we offer large quantities of high-quality and exquisite moissanite jewelry wholesale, if you are looking for a reliable moissanite supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us for more styles and discounts.