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For a long time, expensive diamonds were only worn by the wealthy elite. However, with the advancement of technology, moissanite has become an excellent substitute for diamonds, making it affordable for the general public. Moissanite not only has excellent fire and color, but because it is lab-grown, it will not have any impact on the environment due to mining. If you are looking for moissanite jewelry in Europe, first of all, you should choose those well-known moissanite jewelry suppliers, because they are not only praised by the market but also provide good services. Here we have listed the top 10 European moissanite suppliers for you to check quickly.

Top 10 moissanite suppliers in Europe

Square Silicone Europe Co., Ltd

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Square Silicone Europe Co., Ltd is an established diamond manufacturer located in Belgium, Europe. With 50 years of diamond processing history, it has provided diamond services to many international brands. Square Silicone established an independent moissanite department in 2016. Relying on mature optimization technology and years of diamond processing experience, after 3 years of research, it created the best and true D-color moissanite diamond in 2019. Today, Square Moissanite is loved by countless jewelry enthusiasts.

Charles & Colvard 

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Charles & Colvard is one of the world’s top fine jewelry suppliers, headquartered in the United States, providing the highest quality lab-grown diamonds, including moissanite, to Europe and the world. These gemstones are all set in responsibly sourced precious metals at affordable prices. Based on Incredible value and a shared belief in environmental and social responsibility make Charles & Colvard one of the best moissanite supplier options. If you want to buy genuine Charles & Colvard moissanite in Europe, you can find their Authorized distributor-Cooksongold located in the United Kingdom of Europe

My Moissanite

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High-quality Fine gemstone jewelry such as diamonds, sapphires and emeralds have long been the preserve of the wealthy and elite. My Moissanite aims to provide beautiful affordable gemstones to everyone, so that everyone can experience the beauty, ethics and impressive long-lasting of moissanite.

My Moissanite allows you to buy affordable and ethical moissanite jewelry for any occasion, and their job is making the world not only a happier place, but a more beautiful place. The European moissanite provider offers only certified moissanite stones and precious metals. You don’t need to worry about any after-sales issues when purchasing their moissanite jewelry, as they offer a standard lifetime warranty on all their jewelry. If you are not satisfied with the jewelry you purchased within 30 days, you can return it for free. High-quality moissanite products + good service make it one of the best European moissanite jewelry suppliers.


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MossaniteBay is the European branch of a leading American eco-friendly jewelry brand, which is also one of Europe’s top online moissanite providers. As the European retailer of IceMoissanite gemstones, they offer premium lab-grown gemstones cut from only the highest quality rough stones. From superior quality craftsmanship to exceptional customer service, they are committed to providing amazing jewelry and gemstones at affordable prices.

With one of the most comprehensive selections of loose lab-grown gemstones, At MossaniteBay, from wedding jewelry, memorial jewelry to special occasion jewelry, whether in classic or contemporary designs, they offer timeless and sophisticated fine jewelry in a variety of shapes and sizes for everyone. They pride themselves on bringing you the highest quality lab-grown gemstones at affordable prices.


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PERPETUA EUROPA’s jewelry is made from sustainable gemstones of the highest quality. ERPETUA EUROPA offers you the most exclusive selection of diamonds and moissanite on the Europe market. PERPETUA’s gemstones undergo a rigorous evaluation process by laboratories that adhere to the highest standards of gemological certification, each stone’s report number is laser engraved and traceable on the Internet.

Their gemstones rank at the top of the four “C” grades: color, clarity, cut and carat. Only gemstones of color D, E, F and G, clarity IF-VS2 and excellent cut are processed. 

All PERPETUA jewelry comes with a warranty of up to one year, so you don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects or the optical quality of your stones. By the way, if you want to customize jewelry, you only need to pay 25% in advance to start production, and the remaining fee only needs to be paid when shipping, which can increase your capital turnover rate.

Lily Arkwright

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Lily Arkwright is a luxury jewelery supplier based in the UK, Europe, with all jewelery design and production done in the UK. Every product is tested and marked ensuring you get British craftsmanship and unparalleled quality at a great price. Ranked as one of the best jewelry companies by Trustpilot for its excellent product quality and Unparalleled service.

Lily Arkwright has passion for lab-grown diamonds, moissanite and other colored gemstones, and you can buy sustainable, ethically sourced jewelry from them at amazing prices without compromising on quality. 

As an award-winning luxury jeweler, Lily Arkwright uses only the highest quality gemstones and materials, their lab diamonds are fully certified.

It is also an authorized Chatham Colored Stone and Charles & Colvard Moissanite retailer, by the way, they have showrooms in London and Manchester and free insured glob shipping.

FARO para toda la vida

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FARO para toda la vida is a Europe company dedicated to promoting, designing and online selling lab-created fine jewelry, of which moissanite is their main product. All jewelry is designed in Italy, made in Spain, and finished in Europe.

FARO is confident and proud of selling moissanite and lab-created gemstones, providing you with the highest quality jewelry without the high cost and the negative impact of mined stones. In order to allow more people to get dream jewelry, FARO minimizes costs, thereby providing lower prices to end customers. All their jewelry comes in a sturdy and beautiful gift box and provides a 2-year warranty. For European users, if you are not satisfied with your order, you can enjoy free return service.

Moissanite International

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Moissanite International is an Australian-based manufacturer of moissanite, and their SUPERNOVA Moissanite enjoys a high reputation around the world. SUPERNOVA Moissanite is the ultimate jewelry that embodies the essence of responsible luxury and timeless beauty, their moissanite’s natural color, exceptional fire and unparalleled scintillation embody the highest levels of brilliance and sparkle, making it the perfect choice for any occasion and are loved by moissanite suppliers in Europe.

At Moissanite International, they take great pride in creating the finest Moissanite Supernova Moissanite in the world. If you want to buy SUPERNOVA Moissanite in Europe, it is not very difficult because they have a large number of distributors in Europe and you can easily find them.


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Flawless Moissanite is an online luxury Moissanite jewelry retail company headquartered in New York, United States, London, United Kingdom, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They not only serve the European region but also ship globally, including free express delivery services to the United States and Europe.

Flawless Moissanite is proud to offer a large selection of the world’s finest D-E color moissanite jewelry, including a variety of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum precious metal moissanite. They use only the finest craftsmanship and materials and the quality is unparalleled while the price is affordable. All moissanite jewelry comes with a 12-month warranty.

Compared to natural gemstones, moissanite comes from a lab-grown without the environmental hazards of mining, and what’s more, all Gold are made from recycled gold, so you can enjoy these beautiful, eco-friendly new pieces of jewelry.


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If you are looking for a reliable moissanite supplier in Italy, Europe, then DULÂME is one of the good choices. Today, the DULÂME brand is the first certified moissanite retailer in Italy.

Each piece of their jewelry is crafted in highly durable silver and 18K gold jewelry after being designed in a Roman laboratory while maintaining high standards of quality and top-notch service. By the way, their moissanite jewelry comes with GRA Certificate.

In conclusion

Although moissanite is lab grown gemstone, they have unparalleled beauty and is increasingly loved by people in Europe and even the world. Above we have listed the 10 best European moissanite supplies, you can Find the provider based on your actual needs. If you are a jewelry brand or retailer looking for an affordable and high-quality China wholesale moissanite supplier, you can contact us. At Moissanite Jewelry Wholesale, we have a large number of high-quality S925 or 14K, 18K gold-plated moissanite jewelry, which can provide strong support for your jewelry business.