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Moissanite is an lab grown gemstone, which is neither a natural diamond, crystal, nor zircon. It is a unique gemstone that is brighter, more fiery, and more lustrous than any other gemstone, and has properties similar to natural diamonds. However, its price is only about 5%-10% of diamonds. Moissanite offers maximum beauty at affordable cost, making it the perfect gift and reward for both men and women. There is no denying that the powerful combination of quality and value makes moissanite jewelry the best choice for light luxury.

If you are looking for a trustworthy moissanite supplier in Jakarta or moissanite jewelry provider in Indonesia, then this is the right place. We provide the 10 best moissanite jewelry suppliers in Indonesia.

10 best moissanite jewelry suppliers in Indonesia

AR Signature

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AR Signature entered the jewelry industry in 2011, providing the best quality and affordable jewelry. Their handmade jewelry covers S925 silver, and 18k solid gold with moissanite, natural gemstones and pearls. 

AR Signature is one of the best moissanite jewelry suppliers in Jakarta. They offer many shapes and sizes of moissanite rings, earrings, and bracelets. Their moissanite jewelry are made from the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, such as 18K gold or rhodium-plated S925 silver and other precious metals. 

Since the jewelry metal surface comes with hypoallergenic coating, it is hypoallergenic and rust-resistant, making it ideal for those who want their jewelry to last for a long time. The Indonesian moissanite supplier offers a huge range of different styles of moissanite jewelry and they are one of the best moissanite suppliers if you want to buy moissanite online.


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MoissaniteJakarta is a branded moissanite agent and distributor in Jakarta. They sell loose moissanite stones in various shapes and sizes, as well as 18K gold moissanite jewelry. This Jakarta moissanite supplier only sells Forever One and Forever Brilliant moissanite produced by Charles & Colvard in the United States and Supernova moissanite produced by Moissanite International in Australia. Private viewing is available by appointment only. Their location is in North Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lore Jewellery

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Lore Jewellery is an emerging brand that designs and manufactures beautiful, contemporary moissanite jewelry, founded in 202. they are committed to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices. Their goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy the best products without having to worry about spending extra money. 

At Lore Jewellery, they offer a variety of products including moissanite earrings, moissanite engagement rings, moissanite necklaces, and moissanite bracelets.

Ciella & co 

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Ciella & co was founded in 2021, which provides attractive and environmentally friendly jewelry. As Indonesia’s leading fine jewelry retailer, they encourage and support environmental sustainability, bringing moissanite and ethically sourced diamonds to Indonesia.

They are committed to using only ethical diamonds to create a better future and ensure a minimal impact on the environment, so you never have to worry about the severe environmental damage caused by mining. Without compromising the quality of the gold and diamonds, their jewelry is durable and suitable for those who want their jewelry to be worn for a long time.

Roy Stone

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Roy Stone is a moissanite jewelry company established in 2021 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Roystone operates across all major e-commerce platforms in Indonesia and opened its first offline store in Jakarta.

All Roystone moissanite jewelry is carefully designed and produced by professional team. They use the highest quality grade D VVS1 moissanite with a clear luster, and the moissanite can also pass the Diamond Selector test and comes with a GRA certificate.

Roystone is committed to becoming a local Indonesian brand that produces international quality Moissanite jewelry at affordable prices. Roystone always provides the best service to all online and offline customers by providing after-sales service, free replating, resizing, etc


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WhizLiz is a gold and diamond jewelry brand offering the widest range of luxury jewelry to fashionistas. Their vision is to become a trusted and leading online shopping website specializing in selling high-end goods in Indonesia. Jewelry mainly includes 18K gold inlaid with gemstones, moissanite, diamonds, etc.

WhizLiz adheres to a long-term business development strategy and builds close relationships with as many partners as possible in order to create jewelry that can stand the test of time. If you need 100% real moissanite jewelry, you can easily purchase it through the website or mobile apps.

Grand Pretty

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Grand Pretty is a Jakarta fashion jewelry brand established in 2018. Their jewelry designers draw inspiration from popular styles of New York, Milan and Tokyo and add unique Indonesian touches to create very beautiful and sparkling fashion jewelry.

Fifth Bloom

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Unlike buying jewelry in physical jewelry stores, where you often encounter limited jewelry styles and buy exceeds your budget jewelry under invisible pressure. At Fifth Bloom, they provide a different way, can make your shopping process of moissanite, diamonds and jewelry easier. They believe that you should get the best product on the market according to your budget and not be pressured into buying by others. Fifth Bloom is a trusted Indonesian moissanite jewelry provider you can buy some of the best quality jewelry from them.


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DIAMOND & CO seamlessly enhances the daily look of the younger generation of customers through exceptional high-quality jewelry. The company offers luxury jewelry in a variety of styles, moissanite, gemstones and at moderate prices to meet the tastes and expectations of its customers. Unparalleled elegance and stunning design jewelry can make every woman’s dream come true.

Diamond & Co. Targets Millennials to provide customers with a collection of fine jewelry at more affordable prices to meet people’s growing demand for fashion/leisure/ready-to-wear high-end jewelry. Their jewelry is perfect for jewelry lovers, everyday wear, or even as gifts for loved ones. DIAMOND & CO’s provides customers with high-quality jewelry and become the fastest-growing and most sustainable world-class jewelry company in Indonesia.

V&Co Jewellery

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V&Co Jewellery was established in Jakarta in 2011 and provides customers with the highest quality jewelry. Their jewelry mainly covers a variety of wedding rings and moissanite, diamond jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants set with diamonds or other gemstones.

The V&Co Jewellery team members are very enthusiastic and love the jewelry industry, allowing them to provide the best service to customers with different personalities. V&Co Jewellery is famous for its popular style, excellent quality, innovative design and affordable price.

Since everyone is pursuing fashion, they always pay attention to fashion trends and combine them with elegant jewelry. With good design principles, V&Co jewelry combines the unique styles of Hong Kong design and Indonesian design to create charming fashion jewelry for men and women.


Moissanite’s unique properties make it a good alternative option for diamonds. High dispersion (“fire”) and refractive index (“brightness”) make moissanite more dazzling than any other gemstone, yet costs significantly less than natural diamonds. An interesting fact is that high-quality moissanite can pass a standard diamond tester. If you are looking for a moissanite supplier in Jakarta, the 10 options above are good choices. You can also contact us if you need high-quality wholesale moissanite jewelry